So, the Blue Hair is a thing. Along with the attention I’m getting, I’m also having to seriously step outside of my comfort zone with this hair. Learning how to cope with… well….  not washing my hair. That’s right. I’m not allowed to shampoo like normal. Instead, my hair goes way up on my head when I shower (I’m not allowed to get it wet in there) and then twice a week….  I can ‘shampoo’ it. Which involves applying a dime sized amount of shampoo to my temples, back of the head and crown. Dry hair. And massaging it into my scalp…. then rinsing it with cold water. The End.

No piling it on top of my head and lathering up the hair…. no deep conditioning…. no washing it every day….   just ….  couple of times a week, scrubbing the scalp and rinsing in cold water.

Wes explained the science of this to me. (He reminds me of Alton Brown, but with hair instead of food) and the cuticles of the hair hold the color, when we introduce moisture to the hair, the color and the shampoo/water/conditioner all jockey for the same position. And Water is a bully. That’s why we lose color so quickly. (there was more sciencey stuff, but I have a Math brain, so science is interesting, but it falls out faster.)

So!! Things that are grossing me out I am learning about my new hair.

#1. Dry shampoo is a thing. And it actually works.


#2. My normally dry and frizzy hair …. is not so much anymore. I usually use lots of spray oils in my hair to keep the curls under control, and greasy hair is not something I’ve ever struggled with. Wes sent me to the beauty store to purchase a Boar Bristle brush (that thing cost me $23!!!!  FOR A HAIRBRUSH!) and told me to start at the root and brush it out every night and again right before I ‘wash’ it. I laughed at him. Let me ‘splain. I have curly hair. When I straighten it, I use a wide bristled brush, and when it’s curly, I use a very wide tooth comb. You don’t use a boar bristle brush on curly hair unless you want to look like you just walked straight out of 1971 with your White Girl Afro. No. No no no. He got all Alton Brown on me again and explained that the close together, soft bristles work the natural oils from your scalp through your hair, which causes the cuticles to close up or something and other stuff, but ‘Trust me, Sis, do this.’ So I did. And…. it’s working. It’s not frizzy. Well, I mean, it is when I first brush it, but a little bit of  conditioner mixed with water in a spray bottle and a quick spritz calms it down fairly quickly. But for the rest of the day? No frizz. And it’s been pretty humid lately…..  it’s weird. It’s like I have someone else’s hair on my head and I’m not sure how to handle it. It’s being…..  normal.

#3. THE CURLS. Holy schnikes. My hair is so much curlier than normal. It’s always wavy/frizzy but… I’ve got these beach curls… it’s nothing like the Bad Barbie hair I had when I was in Mexico… it’s … just different. Again, not sure who’s hair this is… but I’ll take it.

#4. I look forward to Shampoo Night like it’s a night at the Oscars. Seriously. I came home from work last night, lit some candles, put on some soft music and it was like going to a spa.

#5. Middle aged women who sweat at night should not leave their hair unattended. I sleep hot, and I toss and turn quite a bit. (I have a queen sized bed, and other than a Suki Sized amount, I tend to sleep on the entire bed.) I went to sleep the first night and woke up with a blue back, neck, shoulder, pillow case and sheet. Remember the whole Moisture Vs. Color thing? Yeah…. sweat is moisture. I looked like I’d rolled on top of a Smurf Village and left no survivors. So, hair goes up into a tight braid at night now. *eyeroll*

#6.  Also… people touch my hair. I’m not a touchy feely kind of gal…. I don’t like hugs unless you’re my kids or my fiancée …  and yeah. Hair is in my bubble. The dye job took five hours and then I came home and took an hour nap because, dude, Momma was exhausted from all of the touching. Now, people I work with are touching me. A lady at the grocery store touched my hair while I was standing in line….  . My boss just spent 10 minutes lifting up my hair and looking at it and touching it.  Stahp.


Anywhoo…. these are the things I’m dealing with today. It’s not easy being green BLUE.

*toss toss* But it sure is Purdy!




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