I bought an Instant Pot. Those of you know me know that this is huge, mainly because… well.. I don’t cook. I mean, I can … I just don’t. I hate it. It takes for.ev.er and then there’s clean up, not to mention the planning, the shopping (gawd, I hate shopping for anything, let alone groceries.) and the preparing.. all of the mise en place… I’m a better sous chef than I am a cook. Ask Brian.

So I bought a magic pot. So far, it’s been wonderful. I mean, I left work on Friday at 5, did the grocery shopping (gag) and came home and made baby back ribs and kalediscope cabbage (no kale, promise) and had a full meal on the table by 7pm. For real. It’s a miracle. To date, I’ve used it four times. Baby back ribs, cauliflower soup, General Tso’s chicken and then today….  artichokes. For lunch.

I like artichoke dip. I like artichokes on my pizza, I like artichokes right out of the can. I have, however, never cooked one. Ever. Shocking, I know.

So I googled it.

Y’all. When you have to google how to eat something…..  maybe… you should just go open up a can of tuna and have an easy lunch. Jussayin’.



We ate the damn artichokes. They weren’t entirely unpleasant… we did the heart wrong.  Silas and I both tried to eat the prickly flower fuzz stuff (hence the CHOKE in Artichoke) … and even added lemon juice and garlic butter. After further research, it’s been decided (by vote, here in Stefnee, Ks, we are a democracy) it’s been decided that perhaps we didn’t have ripe (?) fresh (?) artichokes and we’ll all be willing to try it again.

Silas did make the comment, “Can you imagine, who found an artichoke plant one day and said ‘Hey, I’ll bet if we cook this just right, peel off the leaves a little at a time and dip it in butter, it’d be good!’ for the first time? I’ll bet everyone thought he was insane.”


'You know, I bet if we steamed that and dipped it in mayo, it wouldn't be half bad... that or use it as some sort of weapon.'

Pretty much.


And I’m still hungry.


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